THE PIVOT Vocational Program

The Youth Rising P.I.V.O.T. Program is a highly innovative, 6-month-long youth development program for teenagers aged 13-17 and young adults aged 18-25. Through an ecosystem of vocational, social and service-learning opportunities, this program develops 5 critical developmental assets for youth, including:

  • Positive Identity,
  • Interpersonal Competence,
  • Positive Values,
  • Service to
  • Others and Constructive Use of Time.

The program is implemented both onsite, at Youth Rising centers, and through powerful partnerships with thoroughly vetted, local businesses. All youth who enroll in PIVOT are offered 6-12 month long apprenticeships in a vocational sector of their choosing, and this innovative approach enables youth to observe best practices in business management, build strong networks, and gain the hands-on, technical experience needed to succeed in the world of work.   

Program Design

The PIVOT program consists of a three-pronged success curriculum that includes: Vocational Skill Building, Economic Opportunities, and Life Skills Building. In this curriculum, young people undergo a 6-month training program that consists of buiding skills in a vocational course of their choosing. Youth Rising is accredited and licensed as a non-formal vocational training institution, and so, skills training follows the national curriculum from the Directorate of Industrial Training, Ministry of Education and Sports. 

While youth participate in vocational training, they are also offered an opportunity to learn life skills and entrepreneurship skills.  This is done through weekly training with facilitators focusing on topics like communication skills, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, personal financial management, sexual reproductive health, mental health, digital skills, and human rights. 

At month 6, trainees do their national assessments conducted by the Directorate of Industrial Training and graduate with a non-formal education certificate from the Ministry of Education & Sports.

The students also participate in Demo Day and Job Fair events that bring together local investors and potential employers. The students pursuing entrepreneurship pitch their ideas to investors while those looking for employment opportunities exhibit their ideas and competencies to employers.

The objective is to get on-the-spot investment and employment opportunities for participants. After graduation, Satellite Learning Centers leave their doors open for young people who haven’t found opportunities elsewhere for a 3-month apprenticeship program. The objective is to enable young people to continue to practice their skills and receive continuous mentoring from our master trainers as they look for jobs.

Vocational & Technical Courses


The course offers skills in best agribusiness management practices including urban farming techniques, and value addition on agricultural products. Students become entrepreneurs by developing market-viable products or are employed in the agribusiness industry.


Students learn basic to complex electronic systems and practice in repair shops by working on sorts of appliances including audio and video gadgets, and household appliances. Alumni are employed as technicians in repair shops and in the manufacturing industry.

Auto Repair

Auto mechanics course offers youth the skills to repair cars and motorcycle engines. The curriculum focuses on how to detect engine malfunctions and repairing them, replacing parts and conducting engine service. Students get employment in repair shops.

Digital Literacy

The course introduces the basics of digital literacy including an introduction to computers and the internet, and Microsoft Office applications. Students in the program are employed in office operation support roles and in secretarial bureaus.

Fashion & Design

The course introduces students to the art of creating clothing. Students in the program learn both design and tailoring skills that lead to the production of garments. Most of the students in the program are employed by fashion shops, while others start their own businesses as tailors.

Beauty & Cosmetology

Beauty and Cosmetology course combines both studying the art of cosmetics and their use, and the study of hair styling, skin care, nail care, and makeup in one comprehensive program. Most employment opportunities are in beauty salons.

Art & Crafting

This course is purely entrepreneurial. It combines both the art of designing and crafting using locally available materials, to make products including jewelry and beadwork, shoemaking, decor, and art pieces. They also work on developing their markets in the community, where products are sold.

Food Processing

The program is about training students to become chefs. The course explores the basics of food preparation but also introduces different dishes from all over the world. Youth in the program become restaurant assistants, waiters, and waitresses, chefs and restaurant business owners.


The course gives learners a proper understanding of the properties of wood, glass, metal, concrete, and other building materials. Students learn how to build furniture, wood frames, partitions, rafters, and bridge supports, and installing drywall. Employment opportunities are with furniture shops and real estate.

Life Skills & Entrepreneurship

The soft skills sessions curricula have been designed to be fun, engaging and motivating. Every week, youth participate in programs that include: 

  1. Enterprise Startup
  2. Reproductive Health
  3. Life Skills Academy
  4. Digital Skills Lab
  5. Creatives Academy: Music, Dance, Drama, and Sports
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All young people that have participated in Youth Rising’s PIVOT program in both short-term and long-term courses.

[trx_skills type=”counter” layout=”columns” style=”2″ columns=”1″][trx_skills_item title=”Youth Graduates” value=”109″ style=”2″][/trx_skills_item][/trx_skills]

The youth who have completed a one-year skilling program and have graduated with a certificate.

[trx_skills type=”counter” layout=”columns” style=”2″ columns=”1″][trx_skills_item title=”Youth in Business” value=”15%” style=”2″][/trx_skills_item][/trx_skills]

Have started a business an individual or a team after graduating from the program.

[trx_skills type=”counter” layout=”columns” style=”2″ columns=”1″][trx_skills_item title=”Youth in Employment” value=”73%” style=”2″][/trx_skills_item][/trx_skills]

Are into gainful employment after training and graduating at Youth Rising.

“I am a married mother of three kids and for the past 8 years, after I dropped out of school, I was just staying home to take care of my kids. In November 2016, a friend came and told me about Youth Rising, an institute that is training vocational skills to young people in the community. I was excited about it but I was at the same time worried because I didn’t have money to enroll and I also dropped out of school in form 2. She told me Youth Rising that they accommodate everyone, and I went with her the next day and enrolled in Digital Literacy and Art and Craft courses. Youth Rising really changed my life! After graduation, I started my own jewelry business and I also teach others. I make over 250,000 UGX in monthly sales and this money is contributing to our family expenses. I call upon especially young mothers to join Youth Rising because I really found a second chance.”Kataike Zubeda -Alum 2017

PIVOT Scholarship

With UGX 220,000 ($60), make a full 6-month scholarship offer to a young person and change their lives forever.


Are you a young person who wants to use this opportunity to change your life? Join the PIVOT program by filling out this form.

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