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Youth Rising Mukono Fact Sheet

Mar 7, 2018

Youth Rising on March 8th 2018 will launch operations at a second location in a small village in Mukono District. The MP of Mukono South, Hon. Muyanja Ssenyonga and several partners in youth development will grace this historical moment. Mpumu – Salaama is a small rural community in Mukono, located approximately 15 kilometres (9.3 mi), by road, southeast of Mukono, the nearest large urban centre and the location of the district headquarters, and about 36 kilometers from Kampala.

Mukono District, with a total area of 2,986.47 Sq Km, lies in the Central region of Uganda, sharing borders with the Buikwe District in the East, Kayunga along River Sezibwa in the North, Luwero in the North West, Kampala and Wakiso in South West, Tanzania – Lake Victoria in the South with the Islands of Buvuma District.

The District Headquarters is in Mukono municipality central division, situated along Kampala Jinja road (21Kms East of Kampala City). Mukono central division serves as an administrative and commercial centre.  Other urban centers include Katosi, Kasawo and Nakifuma town boards.

The opportunity we have to extend our services to rural Mukono South is very important to us and this is why:

General Population

According to Uganda Bureau of Statistics National Population Census 2014, Mukono District has a total population of 596,804. Mukono South Constituency has a total population of 139,276 of which 70,662 (50.7%) are males and 68,614 (49.3%) are females.

Youth Population

Mukono South’s highest population by age is 0 – 17 years, standing at 51.8% (70,754), closely followed by 18-30 year group at 23.4% (31,986). This means that 75.2% of people in Mukono South are below the age of 30 years.


  • 80.6% of persons aged 15 years and above did not complete S.4 (Ordinary Level of Education), U.S equivalent of 10th grade.
  • 20.7% of persons aged 18 years and above are illiterate of which 14.8% of persons aged 10-17 years are illiterate.
  • 45.3% of households are 5 km or more to the nearest public secondary school.

Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC)

  • Every 1 in 5 girls aged 12 – 19 years have given birth.
  • 6,413 children (9.1%) of 0-17 years have lost at least a parent (total number of orphans)

Health & Wellness

  • 38.7% of households are 5 km or more to the nearest public health facility.
  • In Mukono District, the HIV prevalence rate is 7.3%, with HIV rates as high as 22% in areas around Lake Victoria. (Retrieved from Kyetume Community Based Health Care Website)

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

  • There are only 9.2% of households that have access to piped water.
  • Only 11.8% of households use a borehole.
  • 5,513 households (14.9%) do not have any toilet facility.
  • Only 47.2% of households properly dispose off solid waste.


  • 50.8% of households use kerosene lamps (Tadooba) for night lighting.

Digital Literacy

  • Only 2.3% of households own a computer.
  • Only 7.9% of persons aged 10 years and above use Internet.
  • 61.8% of households’ main source of information is a radio.


  • 49.1% of households depend on subsistence farming as a main source of livelihood.
  • 12.4% (3,960) youths (18-30 years) are neither working nor in school.
  • 23.6% children (10-17) years are working, indicating high rates of child labor.


  • 71.9% of households are engaged in either crop growing or livestock farming
  • 45.7% of households are engaged in growing of sweet potatoes
  • 38.6% of households are engaged in maize growing
  • 40.3% of households are engaged in growing of beans
  • 50.4% of households are engaged livestock farming


13.8% of households where (members aged 5 years and above) consume less than two meals in a day.

Our Commitment

These statistics paint a clear picture of a community that is in dire need for community support mainly education, healthcare and livelihoods. As we launch our center at Mpumu – Salaama, we commit ourselves to offering vocational training for youth, community health support and livelihoods education.

The center will commence with U Rise Health & Wellness Center to engage Mukono South Community through provision youth health friendly services and community based health services. We are also starting a vocational training program with three courses: Catering & Culinary Arts, Fashion & Design, and Small Enterprise Development, a program that will include training in financial literacy. Finally, Youth Rising is also launching a women livelihood support group. About 30 women have already started training in basket weaving and will be exhibiting their products at the launch.

Women Rising Group at the first Basket Weaving Training Meeting

 Your Support

As we get our boots on ground, we hope you can join us too. We are looking for monetary and in-kind donations to boost our programs. Reach out to our Country Director Nsubuga Allan at allanmwasa@outlook.com or call +256787329558