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On 24th February 2020, we received special visitors from Pipeline Worldwide, an organization based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA with development and relief projects across Eastern Africa.

Jamie, the founder of this amazing organization reflected on the day after the visiting us and this is what she had to say:

Day 1: We started out our morning with a delicious breakfast at the Adonai House in Kampala. Dr. Rhorer confirmed that Francis makes the best simosas! We went to visit Youth Rising’s Mukono site. This organization is all about empowerment – teaching skills that support economic and social development.

We saw the young toddlers participate in their Literacy 4 Life program and met the women who have learned how to weave baskets. We had 100 baskets ordered which we will take back to incorporate in our staff housing project which includes converting 3 shipping containers into housing for healthcare workers at refugee settlements.

Prior to this program these women didn’t have an opportunity to earn a wage. They worked in their small gardens to provide food for their children. Selling baskets provides them income to buy medicine when their children are sick and pay school fees so their children can go to school. They also host a clinic once a month for child vaccinations and general checkups.

We went to meet Medical Team International’s Country Director later in the afternoon. Andrew is a Midwest guy from Iowa so it has been easy to build our relationship. We discussed the impact of our latest container clinic project, the details for the completion of the housing containers, and the community development opportunity in Moyo. We are all excited about our future collaboration.

We ended the evening with a wonderful dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking Kampala. It was fun sharing thoughts about our day and getting to know each other. We especially loved having two new team members from Uganda who are taking video and photography for this trip. Both Bruce and Jonal were orphans who grew up with Watoto (another organization that supports orphaned and vulnerable children through university). Their stories were both moving and inspirational.

Lastly, I got to meet Emmanuel. He is young man who has experienced tremendous hardship throughout his life. Despite abandonment and loss, Emmanuel prevailed. Through service and support from the Sacred Heart Sisters, Emmanuel continued to hope for a future in medicine. Our family learned about this deserving and humble young man and are sponsoring his education at medical school. Meeting Emmanuel for the first time was indescribable. Our entire team felt the overwhelming joy and gratitude flowing from Emmanuel. It’s amazing to see what love can do in somebody’s life! Day 1 will be hard to beat.❤️

We thank you Jamie and the team from Pipeline Worldwide for visiting us and all the wonderful gifts you brought for the kids.

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