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Youth Rising’s 4th Graduation Ceremony

Friends, Donors, Staff of Youth Rising International,

Welcome to the 4th Graduation Ceremony. 

Today, the 14th of March 2021, we are witnessing a very important milestone in the lives of 37 young people that have devoted and committed their time the past six months to learn new digital skills. 

As you may be aware, the 21st century calls for young leaders who are equipped with digital knowledge, tools and resources, to solve 21st century challenges. Our role here at Youth Rising is to ensure that we can provide such resources to young people so that they can join the digital world and help contribute to the development of our community. 

The young people you see here today started this journey six months ago. Some of them had never seen a computer, touched one or even knew its importance in their daily lives. Today, they will show you how much those computers have become part of their daily lives. They will show you how they are able to type documents, write a letter, make a budget, or play music. 

They will also show you how they have learned to use the internet and emails. We are hopeful that these young people will continue in their journey to use the skills they have learnt today to help solve community challenges, teach others and even go on to learn more digital skills that our community desperately need for its own transformation. 

The Board of Directors and Staff of Youth Rising International hereby confers a Certificate of Basic Computer Skills to individuals whose names appear here on 14th March 2021. This is after satisfying the requirements of the six-month program where they learned the basic skills of operating a computer.

A digital copy of the certificate awarded has been made available to all scholars in the link above. To download your certificate, enter your certificate number on the certificate you received on graduation day as the password. If you do not know your certificate number, contact Youth Rising International.

Go Power Community Transformation.

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