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Digital Teachers Academy Introducing Digital Tools to Primary Teachers

Digital Literacy Academy is focusing on empowering primary teachers in our community with digital literacy skills. The target of the program is to expose teachers to digital skills that they can in turn apply in their teaching programs. The program intended to “reduce the digital divide among primary teachers ‘’, by training them in how to use a computer and its applications, and how to apply such resources in the teaching and learning process.

Teachers are from different schools including Mpumu Primary school, Bright Angels Primary, Alpha View Nursery and Primary school, St Consolanta Primary School, St Kizito Primary School and St Balikuddembe Primary School. The program is implemented by Youth Rising International and Music for Life Foundation Africa (MULIA).

Goals of the Program

  • To expand the concern of digital world among primary teachers because we are living in a contemporary world which needs more of ICT skills.
  • To train teachers in digital literacy by doing so teachers will be helped to learn new skills that can help them to transform their teaching models.
  • To close the digital gap among teachers.
  • To help teachers engage, learn, and use the ICT skills to push technology that will unlock new teaching potentials.
  • To enable teachers reduce on some costs for example the money they incur in typing and printing out question papers.
  • To enable teachers to use different applications to enhance traditional ways of teaching and learning in order to keep learners more engaged and improve learning outcomes.

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