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Building Brighter Futures: Our Educational Thriving Quarter 1 2024!

This past quarter has been a whirlwind of impactful educational initiatives, youth essay competitions and exciting student engagement at our organization! We’re thrilled to share some of the highlights that directly benefited over 465 individuals.

See it For Yourself

Before we continue telling you the whole story, take a quick look at our quarterly presentation that we have put together for you.

YR Quarterly Progress Report by Youth Rising

Boosting Literacy and Encouraging Young Writers

Books are the gateways to endless possibilities! We delivered a total of 300 books to three schools: Alpha View, Bright Angels, and St. Jude Primary School. This initiative fuels our mission to cultivate a love for reading and empower young minds.

Furthermore, we hosted a highly successful youth essay competition focused on mental health awareness. With an impressive 104 applicants, we were overwhelmed by the quality of writing and the students’ thoughtful perspectives. While we could only award three winners, all participants deserve recognition for their excellent work.

Little Stars Academy: Shining Bright!

Our Little Stars Academy continues to nurture the potential of young learners. We currently have 45 enthusiastic children enrolled in the program. Recent midterm exams showcased their progress, with a remarkable 12 students scoring 80% or above in all subjects! We’re actively working to support even more students in achieving academic excellence, aiming to boost the number of high achievers to 25 in the next quarter.

Empowering the Next Generation: Digital Literacy

Students from St. Thomas Secondary School actively participated in our impactful Digital Literacy Program. This quarter, they focused on mastering the fundamentals of Microsoft Word, gaining valuable skills in document processing and letter writing. This hands-on approach equips them with essential computer skills, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Fostering a Positive Learning Environment

We understand the importance of a clean and organized environment for optimal learning. Our team dedicated time to maintaining a conducive space for both students and staff to thrive.

Looking Forward: Expanding Our Reach

We’re brimming with excitement for the future! We’re setting our sights on expanding our “Books on Bikes” initiative to reach new schools and equip more students with the power of reading. Additionally, we plan to welcome more participants into our transformative Digital Literacy Program.

A Quarter of Impact

This past quarter has been a testament to the transformative power of education. We’re dedicated to promoting academic achievement, supporting students, and fostering positive relationships with staff members. Our unwavering commitment remains to create a lasting positive impact within the communities we serve.