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Life Skills

Youth Rising’s Life skills program focus on body, mind and soul. The focus areas include Youth Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, Mental Health, Youth Leadership (Youth Essay Competition) and Youth Sports. 

01: Youth Health Ambassadors

Youth Health Ambassadors Program, YOHAP is a program that trains young people as health peer facilitators that then run youth safety camps with an edutainment approach of sports, music, dance and peer education to mobilize young people in rural Uganda to push back on Sexual Reproductive Health challenges, HIV/AIDS and Gender inequality.

01. Registration

Youth Rising announces a call for Youth Ambassadors. 

02. Training

Working with partners, ambassadors are subjected to a 2 week training on Youth SRHR

03. Ambassadorship

Trained Ambassadors go back to their communities and train fellow youth on SRHR. 

02: Youth Essay Competition

Uganda Youth Essay Competition a program that seeks to empower young people in Uganda to express their views through writing. The program focuses on putting views, ideals and opinions of young people at the forefront through writing challenges.

01. Writing Challenges

Writing challenges are posted regulary on our website and social media pages.

02. Application

Youth can apply and submit an essay to any of the writing challenges. 

03. Winners

Essay winners receive certificates and cash prizes. 

03: Health & Wellness

Youth Mental Health in Uganda is a scarcely studied subject yet there are so many distressful challenges that young people and adults alike face. Our inhouse volunteer counsellor works with youth and adults to address some of these challenges. 

01. Book an Appointment

All our counselling services are voluntary and free but an appointment must be booked. 

02. Receive Confirmation

On confirmation of appointment, we inform you of the date and time of appointment.

03. Meet Your Counsellor

The counsellor works with you to map out a plan for your mental health and wellness. 

04: Youth Sports

Youth Sports programs include on-field sports like soccer, volleyball and netball, and board games like chess, ludo, draft, among others. Its an opportunity for youth to stay active. 

01. Register

Youth and children register for the sporting activities they would like to join. 

02. Train

Each sporting event has its own training dates provided to youth by the coach. 

03. Participate

Youth get to participate in competitive games and tournaments organized in different parts of Uganda. 

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Program Impact

Youth Ambassadors Trained
Youth Reached by Youth Ambassadors
Youth Essays Submitted since inception
Youth in all Sporting Activities

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