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Our organization is involved in numerous programs focused on Education.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” —Malcolm X


Non-profits can play a great role in improving education outcomes for most children. Our literacy programs supplement teaching resources with enhanced training of teachers in Digital Literacy, provision of learning materials through a printing and publishing program (Elevate), and provision of books and literacy materials through the books on bikes program. The Youth Essay Program connects teenagers to creative learning and expression, bolsters confidence and gives them a platform to add their voice to national issues and conversations. 

business & livelihoods

With so many children dropping out of school, there is a belief this may be the end. Our formally structured skilling programs enable young people attain vocational trade skills, that they can take into the world of work. The opportunities we currently focus on include digital skills, fashion and beauty skills. In the near future we hope to introduce carpentry, vehicle mechanics, electrical wiring wielding. 

youth health and wellness

Our Youth Health programs have over the years advocated for access to information and health services for young people and children. Programs like Youth Health Ambassadors put youth at the forefront of preaching positive behavior change on youth sexual health. Our community care clinics ensure that youth and children receive their vaccination shots on time and our Mental Health Counselling Program reaches out to those in distress. 

youth sports

Play is at the center of everything we do at Youth Rising. The Youth Rising Soccer and Netball Academy has grown to over 70 youth playing on girls and boys teams, and participates in soccer tournaments all year round. The coach not only teaches them soccer skills but shares about patience, resilience, discipline and work ethic. It is like an African fireplace where ideas are shared, lessons are learned and milestones are celebrated. 

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