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Community Library Boosts Reading Culture in Mukono

The initiative dubbed Books on Bikes aims at building and promoting a strong reading culture among children aged between three and 15. 

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Welcome to the May 2024 edition of the Uganda Youth Essay Competition. This month, we focused on the critical topic of the Ugandan Health System and explored innovative ways to further improve it.

This past quarter has been a whirlwind of impactful educational initiatives, youth essay competitions and exciting student engagement at our organization! We’re …

JANUARY 2024 Introduction: Welcome to the latest report from the Youth Rising Book Reading Club, where the magic of literature comes alive. …

In the bustling halls of Uganda's educational institutions, a hidden struggle silently unfolds—the mental health challenges faced by countless students. Anxiety, depression, and other unseen burdens plague young minds, often unnoticed and unaddressed.

Youth skills development, poverty, and unemployment are prominent global concerns in Africa as a continent where the population of young people between the ages of 15–24

Martin Muganzi, MBA, MLS (ASCP), a medical laboratory technologist at Kingman Regional Medical Center, is among 40 high-achieving pathologists, pathology residents, and …

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Donate a School Micro Library

Help children read in rural schools by donating a Micro Library. The libraries set up in kiosks or in staff rooms change the entire reading culture.

Magic Reader is a little book that tracks all the books that the kids have read in Youth Rising's Books on Bikes Program. They receive prizes for every level that they accomplish.

Donate Magic Readers

Help children read in our community by donating a Magic Reader. This book enables children to keep track of their reading assignments